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Whether Shopify is your primary sales channel or you are looking to expand. Many of our clients use Shopify which means we are completely comfortable in working with Shopify and the reports that it provides.

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No matter what the industry, you should always work with an accountant who understands your business. We are Accountants for Shopify and working with us means you can relax knowing everything Shopify related will be taken care of.

Who wants to waste time teaching their accountant how their business works or what it is they need to do to when it comes to reporting things properly for their business? Who wants the headache of always worrying if things have been done correctly?

As Accountants for Shopify we have spent countless hours working inside Shopify. We have experience working with various different payment gateways, such as Shopify Payments, Stripe, PayPal and Amazon Payments.

Whether you have one store or multiple Shopify stores within your business – We know what to do!

How to get data from Shopify to Xero?

We DO NOT use invoice posting tools such as A2X when pulling through data from Shopify to Xero. 

The reason for this is that is that invoice posting is messy, does not provide clear monthly profit/loss figures and does not account for VAT properly. Non-specialist accountants are not aware of these problems and will use these tools because they do not know any better.

Because we are Accountants for Shopify we have spent lots of time fixing the problems of invoice posting tools. We now use our own internally developed tool for processing data from Shopify. All of our bookkeeping clients will benefit from using this piece of software.

Do you work with Amazon?

Yes, we work with Amazon Seller Central.

We originally began by working with Amazon, however, in recent years we have seen a number of our Amazon Seller clients add Shopify as a secondary sales channel to support their Amazon FBA business. We are proud to say that we completely familiar with working both platforms and more.

What if I sell on other platforms too?

As Accountants for Amazon Shopify we have seen many of our clients add additional marketplaces and sales channels to their business. Because of this we are completely comfortable in handling additional platforms on top of Shopify.

Do you work with Drop Shippers?

Yes, we work with a number of high profile Drop Shippers. We are completely comfortable with the business model and many of the technical aspects, such as VAT for dropshippers.

Accountants for Shopify

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