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Ecommerce Accountants

Ten years ago around 1 billion people were connected to the internet. Fast forward to the present day and that figure has quadrupled to almost 4 billion. It should come as no surprise that as more and more users connect, more and more business opportunity arises.

Originally if someone wanted to start their own shop or business they would need more than just an idea. Just to get started someone would need a premise, a cash float, inventory and that is just scratching the surface.

Now however the barriers of entry have dropped dramatically. These days, anyone with a business idea can get started with almost no budget and without necessarily leaving the comfort of their own living room.

The largest shop on the planet (Amazon) doesn’t own it’s own products, the largest hotel (Airbnb) doesn’t own any rooms and the largest taxi service (Uber) doesn’t own any cabs.

New business types and models are springing up all the time. Blogging, Vlogging and streaming on Twitch… The idea of getting paid to play video games used to be ludicrous, now people make millions from it.

This vast explosion of new businesses has taken traditional accountants (and governments!) by surprise. Most of them haven’t even heard of Kindle, let alone do they know how to generate sales reports from it.

Traditional Accountants are stuck in the mud

Traditional accountants understand traditional business. Traditional accountants are used to traditional business. Traditional accountants like traditional business.

Ecommerce Accountants aren’t.

At Ecommerce Accountants we are different, we are a modern accountancy for modern business. This means that not only do we understand traditional business, but we understand that everything has changed.

We specialists in a wide variety of Ecommerce and online businesses and we understand things that traditional accountants don’t.

If you are tired of trying to talk to traditional accountants then get in touch.